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Our Wedding

My wife Beth is the reason I pulled up stakes and came to Dayton from St. Louis.  We met through Mensa, and quite a few of our Mensan friends from around the country were there to celebrate our wedding with us.  Our Wedding website is our virtual wedding album.  The pictures are particularly fun because we held the ceremony and reception at America's Packard Museum, among some of the most beautiful machines ever built (can you tell I'm a car buff)?

We're building a house!

When I moved from St. Louis to Dayton in the spring of 2006 to remarry, one of the first things we figured out was that three kids and two four-bedroom houses full of stuff won't fit in one four-bedroom house with no basement.  Take a look at our solution on our House Construction Blog, and follow the progress of the construction!

Family pictures

We are a family of computer geeks, and proud of it.  Beth and I both work with computers professionally, and all of the kids have had their own computer from a young age.  So of course we have a web site for everything, including the Family Photo Album.

Family activities

The Beavercreek High School Marching Band, Girl Scout Troop 1352, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and Mensa are just a few of the things that keep the kids (and us) busy.