Southwest Ohio Model T Club - Spring 2007 Tour

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The Southwest Ohio Model T club held it's Spring 2007 tour on May 19th.

We started out at Frank's home near Brookville. It was a beautiful day.  The weather was clear, if a touch chilly in the morning for the open cars.  That area to the northwest of Dayton is mostly rural, with lots of flat, straight open roads through farmland interspersed with small patches of woods.  Traffic was light, which was good because many of the roads we traveled were fairly narrow.

Starting out at Frank's

A reproduction coupe body

Our first stop was the Brookville Roadster Company, which manufactures authentic Model A and 32 Ford bodies and parts. Brookville builds about 500 bodies a year, and ships them all over the world.  They take pride in making 100% authentic sheet metal, some of which are made using original Ford dies.  Most are used in hot rods, but all are guaranteed to fit on the original vehicles.  Brookville also builds complete cars and roadster pickups on oversize frames with high performance engines.

Test fitting a body to an original firewall

A complete roadster pickup under construction

Each body tub is fitted using an original Model A or '32 Ford firewall, cowl, or gas tank to guarantee proper alignment with the original vehicle.

A completed reproduction 'hot rod'

The tour lined up outside of the Brookville Roadster Company

We left Brookville Roadster and traveled to Germantown for lunch at Kathy's, where we suffered the only mechanical problem of the trip. Frank Sr.'s 27 roadster developed a timer problem, but he quickly swapped it out.

After lunch,  we headed for the Preble County Fairgrounds for a car show and swap meet.  On the way, we entered the Germantown Metropark and crossed the dam.  It's beautiful countryside of rolling hills, and it gave us an opportunity to exercise the low pedal a bit.  After the car show, we headed back to Franks' to complete the circle of about 65 miles.

I had a great time, and others seemed to as well.  I only wish I was able to make the trip in my runabout, rather than riding sweep in my Jeep.  Next year for sure...