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Of course, no survivor of the tech bubble would willingly miss Scott Adam's Dilbert cartoon, but here are a few of many other web comics I follow.  8-Bit Theatre is a popular sprite comic by Brian Clevinger; in 2002, it won the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards for best fantasy comic.  And if you enjoyed The LOTR movies and the media circus surrounding them, Debbie Redpath Ohi's Waiting for Frodo , while no longer being drawn, is a lot of fun (I guess she ran out of movies) .  Debbie, incidentally, is also a well established Filker.

Dilbert 8-Bit Theater Waiting for Frodo


And finally, some of my favorite jokes and stories collected from the net.  Where possible, I've tried to attribute them appropriately, but most appear to have been penned by that prolific writer, 'Anon'.